Mom, Fat Texans and Murder

My mom had knee surgery a few days ago, that’s why I’m down here in Texas. Between her not being able to walk and my dad in a wheelchair, well, it just wasn’t gonna be a pretty situation. So I got on a plane and here I am. Mom is now doing much better and isn’t even using the crutches anymore, so that’s very good.

A few of observations:
Everyone who lives down here is fat. Well, not everyone, but a much “larger” (heh) percentage of the population than in California. And when I say fat, I mean LARGE. I don’t know if my perceptions have changed since leaving here almost 6 years ago… but it seems to me is that everyone has just ballooned into gargantuan porportions.

The mall in the largest nearby town hasn’t really changed in 20 years. My mom used to work in a store there when I was little and I practically grew up in the mall. Sad, so sad.

Isn’t it handy that Apple so generously included a lap warmer inside my powerbook? Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

And a frustration:
How many episodes of Murder She Wrote can one person watch!??!?!?