What does Modern Paganism have to do with ER?

In my parent’s house, we have this habit of “watching” tv. It consists of having the TV on, Dad usually vaguely paying attention or asleep in his chair, me with a book or my laptop and mom, reading her book. Except when something catches her attention and her subsequent narration.

For me it’s background noise, something to ignore while I concentrate on doing something else. It allows me to spend time around the people I love while also doing stuff. Multi-tasking. :-) (This drives Courtland nuts and so I usually don’t do it at home.. he’s like, are you gonna watch this with me or not?).

So here I am, trying read an article on the history of modern paganism (on my laptop, leaching off the neighbor’s wireless, natch) while ER is on and all this drama and nonsense is issueing from my parents ginormous television set (takes up half the living room, seems like)….then… “it’s gonna fall….the bus is leaning on the cliff… it’s gonna fall…”

So now I’m trying to ignore the TV AND her, all at the same time. Can’t you see I’m tryin’ to read here? I want to say. But no, I stay quiet and just glare at her… this quells her narration for a moment, until the next dramatic music moment and pitch… ignoring… ignoring… ignoring…aaaarrgh!

Living away for so long has dulled my parental attention avoidance skills. God I miss San Francisco.