The Time for Transit

This last Friday I took public transit to work just to see how long the commute would take and if it would be cheaper than driving. I’m usually a big advocate of public transportation and don’t really like to drive. However, it looks like I’m not going to take transit to work very often. Here’s how the breakdown went:

AM Commute: 2 hours
Walked to Muni, got on a “N” train to Caltrain station.$1.50
Took Caltrain to Mountain View.$5.25
From the Mountain View station, took VTA Light Rail down to the stop just outside the office. $1.75

PM Commute: 2.5 hours
Walked the half a block to VTA Light Rail
Took VTA to the Caltrain Station in Mountain View. $1.75
Took Caltrain to San Francisco (there was a problem with the train and it there was a little delay). $5.25
From 4th & King, took Muni’s “N” train home. $1.50

Total commute time for the day = 4.5 hours and $16!

It takes between 1 to 1.5 hours to drive (one way, average 1.25 hours), dependent on traffic. It costs me $33 to fill up the tank on the truck the other day, that’s good for about 4-5 one way trips.

Total commute time and cost for the day = 2.5 hours and $7.50 (roughly).

Now, why don’t more people do their longer commutes on public transit? Hmmm…. let me think.

Bay Area Transit Authority, are you listening?!