I Think I’m Allergic To Work

I have a new contract for 3 months! Yay, steady income for a while! And what happens? The thing that happens almost everytime I start a new job or contract. I get sick. This time it’s just a cold (I hope). And I’m not kidding, whenever I get a new job somewhere I get sick. Almost immediately. I don’t know if it’s just the stress of all the newness that does it, or if it’s just getting all the germs that reside in a office building after being exposed to them. I do know that it’s damned annoying.

I’m feeling a bit better today than yesterday (which was my second day on the job).

I don’t have a (work) computer yet. The one IT guy seems a bit frazzled by my sudden appearance. But I’m working with an old colleague from the last time I had a corporate gig. He recommended me and get on very well. It looks like the main person that I’ll be working on with the design team (of three including me) is based out of India. So hello late-night conference calls. And the job is in Santa Clara, so the commute is REALLY appalling. Tomorrow I may try to Caltrain/VTA it. The Baby-Bullet trains weren’t up and running yet the last time I worked down here, the schedule looks pretty promising.