The Day So Far

I got down to the train stop this morning to discover an N just sitting there with it’s doors open. Then I looked to my left and there’s a J. Stuck there just outside the tunnel. And what are these hundreds of people doing milling around? Welcome to my morning. A Muni meltdown spectacular. There was some sort of problem with trains at the Embarcadero station and nothing was moving Inbound. So I walked up to Church and Market St. to find hundreds more people waiting for an above-ground F. That was slow in coming and packed to the gills when it did. Because of course, The F’s are filling up at Castro Station, their first stop.

But I’ve got to get to work this morning. I’ve got a temp job (that I’ve actually had absolutely nothing to do for the last two days) that I’ve got to get to. What to do? So I hoof it, in bad shoes and lugging a laptop. So for future reference, it takes an hour to walk from the Castro to North Beach. Just so you know.