In the hopes of more regular updates… Oh, who am I kidding. I just wanted something to play around with. I installed WordPress on this site. YACMS (Yet Another Content Management System). Let’s see. I started this site by hand, used Greymatter for awhile, then started using Blogger when they first started up, switched back to Greymatter, switched back to Blogger, installed Moveable Type (that was good for a while), then Moveable Type decided suddenly it didn’t know who my user account was (that sucked) and went back to Blogger. So I’ve been manually going over and importing old posts into Wordpress. While doing that, I’ve been reading a lot of them. You gain a new perspective on the state that your in by reading these glimpses into the state that you were in.

Anyway. Here’s post #1 ala Wordpress. More archives are coming online as I continue to drudge through them (I forget how long I’ve had a blog! There’s a lot of them.)