Vote Dammit!

The election results are in. While I now live in California and was pleasantly satisfied this morning as I read that all 8 propositions failed in this “special” election, the item on the ballot that I was the most interested in was occurring in my native state of Texas. Proposition 2, the state amendment to ban gay marriage passed. Overwhelmingly. Of course, I say overwhelmingly because it passed by 76% of the voters. However, I should point out that only 17% of the voters in the entire state deigned to vote. Apparently 83% of the voters in Texas would rather let their neighbor decide that discrimination was a good thing.

So you don’t like extra traffic in your city park? Vote
So you don’t like the number of firehouses that are open at one time in your city? Vote
So you don’t like your mayor? Vote
So you don’t like the Iraq war? Vote
So you don’t like the president? Vote
So you don’t like a very small number of people deciding how you are going to live your life in America? Vote dammit!