2005. I hope so much for it to be a “better” year. This seems to be a recurrant theme over the last several years.

“Fuck 2003!”
“Good riddance 2002″
“2001, thank god that’s over with.”

Last year was definately a mixed bag, but better on retrospect perhaps that the previous few years. This last year I was diagnosed with Major Depression, ADD and Chronic Migraines. I quit my job which I hated. And discovered that working for ones self is incredibly emotionally difficult.

It also marked 8 years together with someone whom I love unconditionally. I was able to actually get a little exercise (something that had been impossible for over a year). I strengethened friendships with some amazing people and met a few new ones along the way.

So here I am. Massage class starts in less than 2 weeks. Some of the medication I’m taking is making me so drowsy I’m sleeping the day away (THAT’s gotta change). I’ve been inexplicably depressed over the last couple of weeks. And my procrastination levels are off the charts. So here we go!