A Change Of Scenery

This morning I had a brief (very brief!) dental appointment. This afternoon I’ve got a therapy appointment. That creates this window of about 5 hours. Did I go home after my dental appt? Nope. I grabbed my laptop and brought it with me. I’ve been at Border’s for the last 4 hours or so sippin’ tea and munching on scones and working. I’ve gotten more done today than I have in the last week. Granted that most of the stuff I’ve been doing today has been my books, but those have GOT to be done. And for some reason I’m completely unable to do them infront of my georgeous 21″ flat panel display. Instead, I’m sitting here in this fairly uncomfortable chair staring into this little 12″ screen getting things done. Amazing the little tricks one has to use in getting one to do one’s work. Perhaps when next I need to do work I’ll start coffee shop hoppin’ round the neighborhood and see how much I can get done when on the run.