Let’s Get Physical

OK. So I almost don’t want to post this because I don’t want to jinx it. And I know for most people it usually takes like, 14 days or something to become a habit. For people like me, double that number, maybe triple it. BUT….

I have gone to the gym every single day this week.

And I’ve LOVED it! Who’da thunk it? It’s a different perspective I suppose. I can now actually excersize (I’ve proven this now) without falling over into a vertigo attack that lasts for the rest of the day! I could not have done this 6 months ago. I’m so, well, giddy over it. It’s amazing that the things you hate become the things you love when life takes them away from you, then gives them back, like, all-of-a-sudden.

Courtland had a free 30-day pass to Gold’s. So I haven’t gone and spent tons of money (again) on something that I’m not gonna use. If, in 25 more days, I’m still going to the gym, I’ll sign up.

Next stop. Yoga practice once again.