Of Desks, Jury Duty & Meetings

Things are going well. My friend Michael is in town this week. He, Courtland and I may go up to Sonoma this weekend, or maybe not. I got rid of my old desk and got a new one from IKEA that closes everything away when I don’t want to look at it. It took forever to put together, but I had fun doing it. the rest of my room is still a wreck but I’m not stressing over it. I’m slowly going through things because (and this hasn’t happened in forever), I actually have time to do it. Amazing. I love this unemployed thing.

I had jury duty today. For the first time ever. You go down to this big grey building lit with flourescent light, go up to the third floor (Room 307) navigate through marble halls into a room with torn green carpeting to give your piece of paper to a (remarkably) friendly attendent and are told to go wait in other room. The other room is a big room filled with rows upon rows of chairs with some scattered tables and more chairs. Another person came in, called out names (of which mine was one) and we filed downstairs to the second floor to…

Department 13.

Yes, spooky isn’t it? Department 13, as it turns out, just is another boring court room with walls paneled in a sickly yellow wood with creaky seats. Another roll call. The judge came in, explained the case, and said anyone that had extenuating circumstances who couldn’t be a juror should stay and write up an explaination. Everyone else come back tomorrow at 1:30 for jury selection. So tomorrow I go back. Exciting!

And I had a business meeting with a potential client at lunch. WTF? I thought i was supposed to be on sabbatical! Oh well, when work finds you and it’s from a person you like, what do you do? Nothing concrete yet, and it’s only one project, but we shall see.