Some days, of course, are better than others. Yesterday was a really bad day. No one thing set it off, just a culmination of stuff that I deal with on every other day, yet somehow suddenly became unbearable.

Work stuff mostly. I’m really unhappy in my new position. I don’t like what I’m doing. As a “Usability Engineer” I’m not creating anything. I spend most of my time picking things apart. I’m also asked to give my opinions that I’m often forced to take back.

Getting it right isn’t the priority. Just get it good enough. But who decides what’s good enough? And on what basis is that measurement? We’re told to do it right, but when things get tough, instead of sticking to principles, it’s always, “Well, that’s just got to be good enough.”

I understand that their has to be compromise. That their must be a balance between ideals and practicality. What I don’t understand is when does compromise mean just tossing your hands in the air and saying, “just give us what you can” every single time.