In Which We Find Our Hero Less Than Fully Recovered

Yesterday evening Courtland and I went to yoga. It’s a Restorative class taught be a friend. I’ve gone to it lots of times before the whole dizzy thing began. Yesterday was the first time I’ve done any kind of exercise in over a year. Choosing a the Restorative class was probably a good choice as it’s really slow and laid back. And I found out that it’s just about the absolute limit that I can do before I get too dizzy. At the end of it I was dizzier than I wanted to be (which is of course, not at all). But I was OK, all things considered. I plan on going back next week, taking it one step at a time. I loved that class, but it has thrown me back farther into a depression as a side effect.

“These things usually go away by themselves.” the doctors said. I’ve now been experiencing episodic chronic vertigo for a year. Granted, I’m actually much better than I was, say 8 months ago. But as I found out last night, it is most definately not gone.

I am wondering if this will ever end.