Viva Las Vegas

Court and I went to Vegas over the holiday weekend and had an amazing time. We stayed at the Venetian (had a whole suite! sweet!), saw Zumanity (Cirque Du Soliel’s new show at NYNY), walked around the strip and had a grand time. Didn’t gamble once, the slot machines just had no appeal.

Zumanity was great. We didn’t get to see the act that we most wanted to see (it didn’t play that evening for some reason), but it was still cool. Lots of very pretty mostly naked bodies. It was more of a Las Vegas review -type show with a Cirque flavor than a Cirque show. We’ve seen Quidam, O, Mystere and Verakia and this didn’t really have an over-arching story like their other shows. Just one risque act after another. Pretty and fun and we really like it, but no story.

We desperately needed this little mini vacation. After everything that’s happened this year (medical illnesses, surgery, etc.) and moving and work and stuff, we needed the break. Just him and me. No agenda. No worries. No commitments. Just the two of us. Was fabuloso!