Frustration Station

OK. When is this going to end? I am so over this vertigo thing. The last 9 months have felt on and off like a really bad trip. The more research I do, the more depressed I get. The more doctors I go to, I find that I don’t get anywhere.

Here’s this medication, you might try that one.
Sorry, that one puts me to sleep. I can’t exactly go to work and sleep all day, now can I? After all, I have to pay you.

OK, then try this one.
Sorry, that one gives me freakin’ anxiety attacks.

This one?
Nada. Nothing. Thanks for playing.

One more shot, how’s this one?
See previous statement about anxiety attacks. Why is it that I seem to have anxiety attacks when taking anti-anxiety medication!?!

So, I’m off meds. I’m on CO-Q10, Ginko Biloba, B6, Ginger et. al. All things that supposedly have been known to work. I’ve only been taking them for 2 days now, and hey, they’re cheaper than prescription meds. So far no side effects. No results either. But no side effects.

And I’ve taken a break from physicians for the last few weeks. Can’t say as I miss going to them, but out of desperation, I will be calling yet another neurologist later this week. Someone please make this stop!